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Kids Guide to Electric Safety Download a free workbook on the safe practices around electricity.

FEMA Public Fire Prevention  Home safety, Fire escape, Coloring, Games, Puzzles   

Fire Safety - Informative resource focused on fire safety for families and educators. (Tks! to Ethan G.)

 Home Hazards  – Fun interactive resource that allows kids to get a visual understanding of hazards in the house. (Tks! to Ethan G. again!!)

Sparky the Fire Dog  Games, Arcade, Questions, Family, News flash

Survive Alive   Fire and Life Safety, Kids Club

PBS Kids  Fire Safety Tips, Games

Fire Safety Basics  Suggestions, tips and links on “Fire Safety Basics”.  
(TKS! to Lizzie in California for sharing)

Home Fire Prevention Safety 
(TKS! to Aaron from Morrow County Community Center in OH for sharing)

 CPR Video instruction
This website is full of helpful videos and a neat blog. Click the DEMO links to see some lifesaving CPR videos.
(TKS! to Nathan from Camp Price for Exceptional Youth in Prentice, Wisconsin for sharing!)

Home Fire Safety Guides and Educational Resources 
This is a great resource for students looking for lots of links and information on fire safety.
(TKS to Keri & Reese for sharing!)

Parent Resources   Home Safety, Lesson Plans, Safety Drills

Family Education  Activities center, Message boards, Safety tips

Home Safety Council  Tips, Checklist, Escape Planning

My Child Safety  Statistics, Tips and rules, Resources

Staying Alive  Home escape Plan, Household safety, Fire safety checklist       

Baby Safety tips for New Parents  (TKS! to Joan W. at for sharing!)


Assistance Immediately After a Fire  Recovering from a fire, First 24 hrs and other valuable information        

American Red Cross  Picking up the pieces after a fire, including both emotional and physical needs  


 Other links of interest

Niagara County Mapping System

Town of Lewiston Government

Lewiston Sentinel Newspaper



NYS Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Tax Credit Information