26E1 2011 – Rosenbauer Rescue Pumper


The pride of our fleet, and still a relatively new member. Officially put into service in late 2011, Engine 1 is the latest and greatest in fire engine technology.  This engine carries 30 gallons of foam and has built in foam system.  This makes the use of foam very easy for incidents involving petroleum based products.  Engine 1 is equipped with 1000 feet of 5″ supply line, 750 feet 2 1/1″ and 800 feet of 1 3/4″ firefighting hoses.  We also carry a high rise hose packs to establish operations at a high rise fire.

  In addition to having standard firefighting equipment Engine 1

contains specialized rescue equipment.  Some of the equipment is Paratech Strut kit for trench collapse, life safety ropes and hardware for high and low angle rescues and various tools used for motorvehicle extrication.  The rescue equipment also makes this engine our primary vehicle for RIT/FAST team operations.

When the alarm goes off, this engine is the first to respond. Engine 1 has an 8 man cab and carries the fight to the fire.

26E2 1992 – E-One Protector Engine

26E2 might be Upper Mountain’s backup fire attack truck, but don’t let that fool you, it’s a workhorse that gets the job done. Engine 2 has a 6 man cab and carries an array of 1 3/4″, 2 1/2″, 3″, and 5″ hose.  Engine 2 also has foam capabilities with a TFT Propack. 26E2′s newest addition is the TFT Blitzfire mounted to the front bumper, and it also has a removable deck gun mounted to the top.

26A8 – 2010 105ft E-One Hurricane Aerial


26A8 is equipped with a 105ft Tower Quint, a full compliment of ground ladders, and is able to supply water with its pump. Ladder 8 is Upper Mountain’s second due truck for all fire calls and can easily reach the 8th floor of a structure.  Ladder 8 is also set up as a FAST/RIT operation vehicle and can be utilized for commercial fires.  Ladder 8 has a selection of hand and power tools used in search and rescue operations.  Ladder 8 is also the primary ventilation vehicle and is the first due vehicle for Carbon Monoxide Alarm calls. 


26R9 – 2002 American LaFrance Medic Master Ambulance

26R9 is Upper Mountain’s primary ambulance.  Rescue 9 is first due for any call requiring medical attention and/or transporting. 26R9 is equipped with Advanced Life Support that can be utilized by advanced personnel. Rescue 9 has the capabilities to transmit 12-Lead EKGs to the arriving hospital en route to quicken the diagnosis of a cardiac problem.

26R9A – 1994 Medtec Ambulance

26R9A is Upper Mountain’s secondary ambulance. Rescue 9A responds to all calls requiring medical attention and/or transporting when 26R9 is already on a call.  26R9A is also Advanced Life Support equipped and can transmit 12-Lead EKGs to the arriving hospital. Rescue 9A is Upper Mountain’s primary response vehicle for the Lewiston Haz-Mat Department and carries Mark I kits for exposures to nerve agents or similar toxins. It is the only ambulance in the State of New York to be equipped with Mark I kits on the ready. 26R9A also carries supplies for rehab at fires and other prolonged incidents, and it carries SCBAs if needed for a transport resulting from a hazardous materials incident.

26M1 – 2004 Ford Explorer Advanced Life Support Flycar

  26M1 is Upper Mountain’s newest piece of EMS apparatus, it was put in service in September of 2007. M1′s purpose is to provide Advanced Life Support to the surrounding communities, and reduce wear and tear on Upper Mountain’s ambulances at the same time. 26M1 allows for a quicker and safer response to agencies that transport long distance to area hospitals. M1 is also used to bring supplemental manpower to the scenes of medical incidents in Upper Mountain’s district.