Board of Directors

2018-19 Board of Directors

President Greg Sitek
Vice-President Tony Pannozzo
Treasurer John Rutledge
Secretary Lance McGlynn
Financial Secretary Ashley Smith
Director (3yr) Simon Shakarjian
Director (2yr) James Argoni
Director (1yr) Jennifer Schultz
Chief Charles Smith

About Our Board of Directors

The law vests the Board of Directors with the management of the corporation. This is done through bimonthly board meetings as well as monthly business meetings (held on the 3rd monday of every month).

Their management duties include:

  • Administering the property;
  • Managing the internal affairs;
  • Determining the proper use of assets;
  • Disciplining of officers and members;
  • Creating budgets;
  • Enforcing the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws;
  • Creating and enforcing Policies and Procedures and Standard Operating Guidelines; and
  • Initiating and defending lawsuits.

These directors can be joined by all committee chairpersons, in a non-voting capacity, at all Board of Director meetings. 

NOTE: Law permits that any two offices may be held by the same person except the offices of President and Secretary.  UMT does not permit the offices of the President and Chief to be held by the same person.