2017-18 Line Officers

The Upper Mountain Fire Company is 100% professionally staffed by volunteers. All members donate their time and energy to helping Upper Mountain to protect and serve the Town of Lewiston and the surrounding communities.

Chief of Department Jonathan Schultz
Assistant Chief, Fire Charles Smith
Assistant Chief, EMS Dave Piwtorak
EMS Captain John Malinchock
Safety Officer Daniel Leven
Truck Captain Daniel McGuigan
Engine Captain Alex Ruckh
Fire Lieutenants Greg Sitek (Engine), Terry Hailey (Truck)
EMS Lieutenant Kristen Richards
Fire Police Captain Max Jacobsen
Fire Police Lt. Ed Webber
Chaplain Pat Bradley
Bureau of Fire Prevention Representatives (2yr) Greg Sitek , (1yr) John Malinchock

About the Line Office

The line office is made up of the fire officers in the company. Their job is to maintain guidelines and protocols for all fire/rescue and EMS responses. In addition, they are responsible for admitting new members and overseeing vehicles and equipment. They also manage a yearly budget which is overseen by the chief.